Body Recovered and Identified After Deadly Miami Beach Boat Crash

UPDATE: A Fort Lauderdale woman is identified as the third person killed after a boat crash near Miami Beach. The body of Jennifer Y. Munoz Cadavid washed ashore on the beach this morning. She was killed when the boat struck a jetty Saturday night near Government cut. Also killed were Lighthouse Point residents Christopher Colgan and his wife Elisaine. Another person was rescued and is in stable condition.

After a second deadly boating accident on the same Miami Beach jetty that killed Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and two friends has now killed three more people and critically injured a fourth when their boat slammed into it over the weekend. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is looking for answers on how to protect mariners from this same fate.Following Fernandez's accident, Coast Guard officials determined there was no need to add additional lighting to the channel. Despite this accident, they say they are sticking to the 2017 report and the Port of Miami Captain's assessment that color coded lighted buoys and lighted range markers are sufficient.

EARLIER: A woman's body found this morning on Miami Beach is confirmed to be the fourth victim of a weekend boating crash. The body was found near 1st Street, just north of the Government Cut jetty. Saturday night, their boat crashed into the jetty, killing two others and critically injuring a third.The accident happened in the same vicinity of the boating crash that claimed Marlins player Jose Fernandez' life three years ago.

Results of Jose Fernandez Crash Gut-Wrenching - Thumbnail Image

Results of Jose Fernandez Crash Gut-Wrenching

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