Firefighters Give Dramatic Testimony as New Bill is Ready for Senate Vote

A bill aimed at protecting our firefighters sparks emotion in the State House. This morning, firefighters and their spouse gave dramatic testimony in front of the Florida House State Affairs Committee. At 44, Tanya McKay's Clay County firefighter, husband is fighting a losing battle with stomach cancer.

Veteran Brevard County firefighter Jay Post fights throat cancer.... speaking through a voice box in support of a bill which would cover all out-of-pocket medical expenses for firefighters diagnosed with job-related cancer.

Opponents argue it's hard to set budgets without exact expenditures. A legislative analysis found coverage would cost the state and local governments less than $5-million a year. Opponents aren't buying the report that it would cost state and local governments less than $5-million a year.

The bill, which passed unanimously today, would cover their out of pocket medical expenses after a job-related cancer diagnoses.

The Senate's component bill is ready for a floor vote.

Photo by: Getty Images

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