Kim Kardashian Is Going To Be A Lawyer?

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Kim Kardashian, she's got something else up her sleeve. Case in point –literally? Kardashian says she’s studying to be a lawyer.

As for how she can do that without having a college degree, it's because a number of states(four, including California)make it possible to apprentice with a practicing lawyer or judge. And she is. Kardashian is currently working with two mentors (Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney). “[In the] first year of law school," she explains. "You have to cover three subjects – criminal law, torts, and contracts."

If things go well, Kardashian will take a state-administered test known as the “baby bar” sometime this summer. If she passes that, she’ll be allowed to study for three more years...and take the bar in 2022.

Source: Vogue

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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