Rick Scott Held a Roundtable on Venezuela This Morning

UPDATE: The crisis in Venezuela under the spotlight in Doral as Florida Senator Rick Scott holds a roundtable in Doral. Power is cut -people have limited

access to food, water and medicine as the crisis continues. Romy Moreno Molina--wife of the chief of staff for interim president Juan Guaido-says the

situation is dire and getting worse every day. She says Nicolas Maduro's government is to blame---there's sky high inflation and a disastrous economy --the

national infrastructure is also in shambles. Governor Scott promises he won't stop fighting until Venezuelan's are free from Maduro's regime.

EARLIER: Senator Rick Scott is in Doral Monday morning, holding a roundtable to talk about the situation in Venezuela.

Among those attending is Romy Moreno Molina, the wife of interim president Juan Guaido's chief of staff.

Molina's husband was arrested last month and taken to a prison that is considered to be the largest torture center in Venezuela.

The roundtable began at 9.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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