Study Shows How Happy People Are At Work

Good news is good news and in the workplace, there’s plenty of it these days. According to CNBC’s nationwide study on workplace satisfaction, 85% of us are happy with our jobs in 2019. This isn’t as potentially odd as it sounds. In previous years, I’ve pointed out somewhat similar results though, 85% is about the highest I can recall. 

CNBC’s approach to determining workplace satisfaction is a five-part process and most Americans are happy with all five aspects of their work. Here’s the order of our satisfaction with our work:

  • #5: Opportunity (55% happy)
  • #4: Pay (65% happy)
  • #2: Autonomy (75% happy)
  • #2: Contribution (75% happy)
  • #1: Meaning (85% happy)

As mentioned earlier the overall satisfaction score is 85%. So, here’s the thing. If you really are miserable at work, you're either unlikely to ever be happy or you should consider changing employers. In today’s economy with near-record low unemployment, the combination of satisfaction and opportunity is as good as it’s ever been.

Photo by: JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/AFP/Getty Images

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