Computer Issues Ground Several Airplanes

Angry airline passengers flooded Twitter Monday morning asking why their flights were not departing.

The FAA responded to travelers left grounded by saying, "several carriers were experiencing issues with a flight planning weight and balance program called AeroData, contact the airline directly for updates."

Affected airlines included Southwest, United, JetBlue, Alaska and Delta.

American Airlines released a statement saying a system called AeroData was experiencing a technical issue that were resolved before 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Travelers in airports across the US continue to post via social media a different story.

Southwest Airlines tweeted, "once more information has been made available our Agents at the airport will be happy to disseminate it to y'all."

A Delta customer wrote, "we're still waiting on-board and its clear we are not leaving in 3 minutes." The carrier replied, "we are currently experiencing a System-Wide Outage we are working diligently to get it back up and running. We do not have a specific time as yet."

Southwest said it issued a ground stop as a result but lifted it after 40 minutes, adding it involved "an outage with a vendor that services multiple carriers with data used in flight planning. Scattered flight delays are anticipated and Customers should check for the latest updates on specific flights." 

Delta said, "A brief third-party technology issue that prevented some Delta Connection flights from being dispatched on time this morning has been resolved. No cancellations are expected due to the issue and our teams are working to resolve some resulting delays."

There was no other immediate word on the impact on other airlines' operations.

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