News Media Deceptions On Americans

If we had a credible and self-respecting news media, there would be many fewer members in its ranks today. After 2+ years of fanning the flames of a bogus Trump-Russia collusion narrative, tens of millions of Americans bought into their lies and false reports. Sure, for some it’s what they wanted to believe and dishonest brokers in news media simply were happy to feed it to them but for many more, they believed in the reporting and were genuinely deceived. We’ll never know just how much damage mainstream news media reporting did to this country during this fiasco, but we do have an idea of how many Americans bought into it. 

Within the past month, the Washington Post polled on whether Americans believed there was a Trump-Russia collusion connection, most Americans didn’t. According to their polling, 45% didn’t believe there was a Trump Russia connection compared to 43% who did. That’s more than four in ten Americans who bought into a lie bought and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and carried out by numerous deep-state actors. That includes greater than 60% of all Democrats.

According to Axios since 2017 we’ve been exposed to 533,074 published stories of Trump-Russia collusion reaching 245 million people (of 321 million Americans – 76%). ABC, CBS, NBC dedicated 2,284 minutes of coverage to it. According to MRC, 92% of that coverage was negative.

Here’s a question I’ve not yet heard asked. How much of the divisiveness politically in this country was born out of this conspiracy and false reporting? For that matter how many Americans assumed guilt of the President and resented even the positive outcomes his administration has produced because of this? How much actual damage has news media done to this country because they choose politics over pragmatism. A political agenda over responsible reporting. It’s alarming to me that people would ever go back to the numerous MSM outlets responsible for creating this condition in this country. It’s my hope that this helps relegate those running and generally reporting for the CNN’s, MSNBC’s and related MSM outlets to the dust bin of history faster than they’ve already been trending. They’ve literally caused significant harm to this country. The only question is how much. More to come.

Photo by: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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