Q&A – Trump-Russia Hoax And Mueller Investigation

Today’s question comes from Dale - Here Are All of the Indictments, Guilty Pleas and Convictions From Robert Mueller's Investigation http://time.com/5556331/mueller-investigation-indictments-guilty-pleas/ …@brianmuddradioNOT A WITCH HUNT - orange- is a crook. I don’t need a report to know that.

Bottom Line: Well, if you don’t need a report to know that the President of the United States is a crook, given that Robert Mueller had 22 months and unlimited resources and didn’t, I hope for your sake someone doesn’t apply the same standard to you. I think you’re literally applying the he looks guilty standard. But seriously, your point is exactly why we need equitable justice in this country. You think President Trump is guilty of whatever because of what appears to be differing political views. That’s literally anti-American. It’s no better than the “birtherism” anti-Obama nonsense. It is very communistic/socialistic though.

As for the Mueller investigation, the fact that he indicted a bunch of Russians, that will never be held to account, and a handful of Americans doesn’t mean that the premise of his investigation was legitimate. Yes, he found illegal activity unrelated to what he was tasked with investigating, but none of it pertained what he was tasked with investigating. Again, for the Manafort’s, Cohen’s, Stone’s of the saga, I fully support accountability for any crimes that were discovered during the process of the investigation. But for President Trump to operate more than half of the first term of his Presidency under the cloud of Russian collusion with 22 consecutive months of investigations, allegations and false reporting by a majority of news outlets, makes no mistake. This was a bogus witch hunt. Were it not for a fixed investigation of Hillary Clinton, a bogus bought and paid for dossier and the corruption of numerous high ranking government officials it never happens.

For those who care about political interests more than the rule of law, integrity in government and due process, there's nothing and no one who can reason with you. For the rest of us, we need accountability for the deep-state actors to help restore faith and confidence in government in addition to sending a message that’s loud and clear to any future conspirators.

There are no shortage of ignorant people who say things that happen to be incorrect. There are no shortage of knowledgeable people who know things but are willing to lie to achieve an outcome. Having dissected every known aspect of the Trump-Russia narrative for 2+ years now, what I’ve laid out to you time and again is what’s real. 

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