This is Likely the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day.

A video of a man trying to bring an ATM onto a New Jersey Transit bus went viral after the agency shared the 48-second clip on Twitter. In the video, which appears to be staged, the man is seen struggling to drag the ATM across the side walk and tries to board the bus. He tells the bus driver he is willing to split the money with her, but she closes the door and drives away as he protests.

“Are you going to do this to me?" he says as the driver pulls away. "For real? We could have made money together!”

NJ Transit has since deleted the tweet with the video and says that they got it from Twitter user@Darius_DK, who describes himself as a "sit-down comedian." The agency says they were just trying to have some fun when they shared the video and asked users to reply with a caption.

“I have no context to provide you on this video as we did not post nor film the video. We are interacting with and engaging our customers based on something already circulating on social media,”a spokeswoman for the transit agency told PIX11.

People did not disappoint and replied to NJ Transit's original tweet with some hilarious captions. The Philly Voice was able to capture some of the better replies before the original tweet was deleted.

A reporter for the Philly Voice reached out to@Darius_DK, who appeared to confirm that the video was filmed as part of a skit.

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