Man Threatens Miami Gardens Mosque and Calls KKK

Florida detectives are puzzled why an African-American man is supporting the KKK while also expressing hate towards members of a Miami Gardens mosque.

According to an arrest report, Gerald Wallace is drawn to the KKK, an organization with a long history of killing African-Americans like himself. Information, police say was documented when they questioned him about a threatening message.

In February, Wallace admitted to leaving a voice-mail at a local mosque saying, "I hate you Muslims. I'm gonna go down to your center to shoot all y'all."

Court documents also reveal, he decided to threaten the mosque after seeing terrorism reports on TV. Wallace pleaded guilty in October 2017 to a charge for threatening the Islamic Center of Greater Miami.

He has since been released from federal prison and declined to comment

Prosecutors said Wallace's case is disturbing because the then-store security guard had a concealed weapons permit.

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