Iowa Boy Fell To His Death While Free Climbing At State Park In Utah

Authorities in Utah say that a 13-year-old boy fell to his death while free climbing in Snow Canyon State Park. Elijah Baldwin from Farragut, Iowa was vacationing with his mother and two siblings when he wandered off and started to climb a rock cliff without any climbing gear or protective equipment.

"He was from out of state with his family, just out visiting the area and he just, you know, wanted to go climb and just an unfortunate accident that happened," Utah State Parks Lieutenant Regan Wilson said. "It's a tragic accident. Our hearts go out to the family, the people he was with."

Baldwin was in a popular recreation area when he fell. Officials believe that he was climbing down when he lost his balance and fell between 75 and 100 feet to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The area has established climbing routes, but it is unclear if the Baldwin was following the path or if he decided to climb in an area that was off limits.

Photo: Getty Images

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