Miami Hurricane Fans Want Mascot to Vape, Not Smoke a Pipe

Photo courtesy of Alec Castillo

A petition to change a Miami mascot's smoking habits is making rounds on Twitter, IG and Facebook.

Several University of Miami students want Sebastian the Ibis to quit smoking a tobacco pipe and vape or as millennial's say, “hit the Juul."

So far, over 400 people and counting have signed the petition, with one person stating, “I am signing because I believe there is still good in America, but it is up to us to push for it.” There are over 17,000 students currently enrolled at the campus in Coral Gables, Florida.

The mastermind behind the petition is Alec Castillo. "The University of Miami is a progressive institution that should reflect the changing cultural landscape that we live in today. We, the undersigned students of UM advocate the Board Directors to let out school mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, to hit the JUUL instead," said Castillo.

If you want to #LetHimJUUL Castillo's link is enclosed.

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