Miami Rescue Mission Experience

I’ve found, at least in my life, many of the most meaningful moments and experiences aren’t expected or planned. Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to work with the Miami Rescue Mission on their annual Good Friday event. In advance of the event, I visited the Mission yesterday. I really didn’t know what to expect going in, but I know I wasn’t expecting what I came away with after having visited. 

There’s really no way I could adequately communicate how profound of an experience it really was. What I can tell you is what I took away from the experience. It's reality on a level I have never personally experienced. Compassion carried out with precision. Faith and conviction as strong as any I’ve ever witnessed by those whose lives have been saved. People with little more than what they had on them had the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. People who have been on the streets, those battling addiction and former criminals who were receiving aptitude assessments and obtaining a high-quality education. Young at-risk children engaged in the classroom more attentively than what I’ve seen at most schools. Hope. Faith. God’s work. Those are just some of the thoughts that come to mind as I reflect on a few of the more meaningful hours I experienced. 

They didn’t ask me to share this information with you today.I’m compelled and it’s the right thing to do. Among opportunities and needs at the Mission, they currently offer meals for those in the community four days per week. For an additional $250,000 annually, they could offer those meals seven days per week. If there’s anyone who could make that happen, I’m willing to do whatever is in my power to attempt to make it worth your while. I have no doubt the Miami Rescue Mission would do their best as well. For everyone else. Meals are approximately $2 each. As part of our Good Friday Event,our goal is to provide 20,000 meals to those truly in need. Here’s a way you can help today:

On Good Friday, April 19th, Ashley and I will be on hand at the Miami Rescue Mission for the entire day to participate and share the message of the Miami Rescue Mission’s work. Anything you can do to assist is greatly appreciated. 

Miami Rescue Mission
Miami Rescue Mission


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