Video of MMA Fighter Conor McGregor in Miami Beach Stomping Fan's Phone

Newly surfaced video of Conor McGregor stomping on a fan's phone while visiting a swanky hotel is trending online.

The footage released on Thursday shows McGregor's actions that landed him behind bars in south Florida.

McGregor is facing felony strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief charges, which could carry a combined maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

The owner of the phone, Ahmed Abdirzak, can be heard in the footage saying "Let me get my phone, man."

Adbirzak said he was trying to take a photo of the UFC star outside the Fontaineblue hotel. According to the police report, McGregor offered his hand only to take the phone and stomp on it, before leaving and taking it with him.

The video is courtesy of TMZ.

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