Be There, The Fair!

The most attended fair in the southeast United States kicks off its 21 day run this afternoon at its usual home next to FIU.

Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition President Eddie Cora anticipates by April 7th more than 600,000 people will pass through its metal detectors, which is a first for the Fair.

He stresses safety is their top priority: "We want to make sure that the families that come in here understand our commitment to their safety, not because things have happened in the past. We want to be ahead of the game."

With the help of Miami-Dade and Florida International University police, all four sides of the fairgrounds will be watched by officers.

This year's Fair has nearly 100 rides and more than 150 food concessions.

Miami-Dade Fair President Eddie Cora

While there are new things to do like watch the New York on Ice Show, an updated Royal Hanneford Circus and multiple concerts, Cora promises the old favorites remain.

"The idea is that we want to provide a new entertainment every year but maintain that nostalgia. The same memories that we made when we were kids with our parents, we want them - the new kids, that new generation - to make with their parents," he says.

While guests enjoy the day, they'll be giving back to their community because the Fair will be Miami-Dade County's largest charity event this year.

Cora says, "We want to make sure the public understands when they come here and spend money at the fairgrounds that money stays here. Our commitment is to promote agriculture, youth achievement and youth education, so the dollars that come from our guests go back to working with our Dade County Public Schools" and scholarship programs.

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