Florida Father Acquitted After His Baby Chocked to Death

A jury in south Florida acquitted Jermaine Marcell Levy of manslaughter charges after his son fatally chocked on a lollipop.

The incident happened June 17, 2018 after police say Levy kidnapped the 6-month old from the child's mother, Warnisha Davis.

According to arrest records, the 19-year-old punched Davis's mouth before taking the baby, even though he never cared for one before.

Jurors sided with the defense in March of 2019, they believe the infant's death was accidental and not the result of reckless behavior.

"Levy is a first-time dad who is homeless and attempted to revive his son on Father's Day. This was a tragic accident that should not be charged as a crime," said Miami Dade Assistant Public Defender Adam Saper.

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