Homestead Man Burglarizes Taylor Swift's NYC Home Again

Roger Alvarado traveled from Homestead Florida to New York City to break into Taylor Swift's townhouse again according to prosecutors.

Alvarado, 23, used a construction ladder and smashed a glass door at her Tribeca townhouse around 2:30 a.m, An automated security system sounded off alerting police. The famous star was not inside at the time.

Swift's alleged stalker appeared in a NY courtroom this week.The prosecutor assigned to the case described Alvarado as a "violent predicate felon." starker afternoon Manhattan court appearance, Alvarado was biting his nails and moving nervously. The prosecutor in the case described Alvarado as a "violent predicate felon."

In April, Alvarado broke into the townhouse and slept in her bed. Alvarado spent more than nine months behind bars.

Now he is facing charges of stalking, burglary and felony criminal contempt for violating an order of protection. Alvarado wasn't allowed to leave Florida.

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