Day 3 Florida Legislative Session – Marijuana and Scooters

I’m doing a daily recap of some of the notable developments from this year's legislative session. 

On the third day, the Senate voted 34-4 to allow smokable medical marijuana. Last year, Rick Scott was pressing legal action to prevent smokable medical marijuana in our state. Today, our new governor supports it to the point where he stated he would act on the issue himself if the state legislature didn’t. What a difference a year makes.

Yesterday, the House committee unanimously voted to pass the Scooter bill, which would allow cities to regulate scooters like bikes. In other places that the Scooter bill advanced, it passed its first committee vote. Scooters are generally either loved or hated by communities, so it’s actually a fairly polarizing issue. Should the bill pass it would enable municipal governments to regulate the scooters as they see fit. Next week, the vote goes to the House where it’s almost certain it’ll pass as well. 

Photo by: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images.

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