Q&A – South Florida's Demographics And Politics

Today’s question - Despite your very insightful description of both FL Governors, past and present, I'm still believing that your pragmatic and honest common sense opinions are in motion. Reality: South FL isn't the U.S. anymore. Pandering to and welcoming foreign ways, makes us losers.

Bottom Line: I think the biggest threat to the United States in our lifetime is us and the catalyst is socialism. The mechanism to perpetuate it is the education establishment. With that premise advanced, I’ll take a step back to address your concern that South Florida isn’t the US anymore because we pander to foreign ways.

The most foreign concept to the American way is the lack of economic freedom. It was the lack of economic freedom that provided the catalyst for the American Revolution at the onset. Upon our founding, it was economic freedom that allowed the US to go from a rag-tag group of colonies that literally fought a war with itself to becoming the world’s leading Super-Power within 150 years. That’s why socialism, state control/regulation of the means of production, is the greatest threat to the country. Your concern regarding South Florida’s pandering to “foreign ways”, is legitimate if those ways are to embrace socialism and/or communism. Otherwise, provided that we do emphasize assimilation, it’s a huge part of the solution. 

The most homogeneous state in the country is Vermont. 95% of Vermont’s population is white and 94.5% of the population was born in the United States. What has that netted us politically? Bernie Sanders and socialism. What’s more, is that the state is so far to the left that Donald Trump won just 29% of the vote in 2016. So much for native-born homogeneous behavior preserving American exceptionalism. Let’s compare Vermont’s vote to South Florida. The percentage of the votes for President Trump in the Tri-County area were 31% for Broward, 34% for Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach came in at 41%. You’ll notice that all three of South Florida’s most diverse and left-leaning counties were more likely to support Donald Trump than the most homogeneous state in the country. 

I believe its legal immigrants who understand the evils of socialism who will help save us from ourselves and the complicit education establishment. This country has evolved through a series of catalysts. I believe the battle against socialism is next and the positive catalysts to defeat it will come from those who’ve fled it.  

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