Nearly Naked Cyclist on I-95 Wears Pink Thong, Head Band and Socks

Photo courtesy Jesse T. Schwartz

Video of a man wearing almost nothing while riding his bike down Interstate 95 received over 160,000 on Twitter.

It's the second time he is seen on video in Miami wearing a pink headband, pink socks and sneakers.

On Sunday new images surfaced showing the naked bicyclist sitting on the bike's handlebars while peddling backwards. Several Miami commuters reported seeing him wearing a very skimpy pink colored thong too.

Drivers who saw him the first time on 1-95 back in August say he has outdone himself with a new stunt.

"He upped his game, dude has skills’’ wrote Chris Kimball on the Twitter thread.

The Florida Highway Patrol chimed in after seeing the video and photos saying riding a bicycle on I-95 naked is against the law.

Good to know if you were thinking of doing this or didn't already know that traveling naked on a bike is a crime.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content

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