Workplace dispute in Florida Escalates into Attempted Murder Charge

Photo courtesy of The Broward Sheriff's Office

On Feb. 14, an employee at Great Vacations of Florida told supervisors, Rolando N.Sagaro, 28, was threatening to shoot up the business with an AK-47 and run his co-worker off the road. At the time their manager stepped in to calm things down.

The next day, Sagaro allegedly challenged his co-worker to fight in the parking lot. Their manager broke them up for a few minutes.

Investigators say, Sagaro then got behind the wheel of his Chrysler and attempted to run both men over. When Sagaro's attempt failed, he got out of the car to fight again.

The Great Vacations of FL manager says he intervened until his employee could drive away in his car.

Deputies spotted Sagaro’s vehicle driving on Gateway Drive in Pompano Beach a few days after the incident. He refused their commands to stop and sped off.

Sagaro was eventually tracked down Feb. 20th, arrested and booked into jail. He faces attempted murder charges, fleeing and eluding law enforcement.

The Miami native is being held without bond for violating probation on earlier, unrelated charges and is no longer an employee at Great Vacations of Florida.

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