Jury Selection For Former Palm Beach Gardens Cop Charged In Deadly Shooting

Attorneys hoping to seat six jurors and four alternates in the case of an ex Palm Beach Gardens officer charged in a deadly shooting. Nouman Raja was working undercover in October of 2015 when he shot and killed Corey Jones who was waiting for a tow truck on I-95 off ramp in Palm Beach Gardens. Raja told the FBI he fired 6 shots in self-defense, hitting Jones three times. But investigators say Jones' legally owned pistol was found 41 yards from his body and never fired. Raja is charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence while armed and attempted first-degree murder. He faces up to 30 years on the first charge and life on the second. Raja has been under house arrest with a GPS ankle monitor since his arrest in 2016. He pleaded not guilty on both charges.


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