Q&A – What Unites Rubio, McConnell & Trump

Today’s note comes from @MsFallFiveon Twitter: 

@FoxNews @brianmuddradio  --  Since when, is Marco Rubio or Mitch McConnell, part of the same political party  @POTUS is?

Bottom Line:  Questions/statements like these are among my favorites to research and address. Why? Because I’m a big political geek. Plus, there’s often a significant difference between perception and reality. Prior to Ron DeSantis becoming Governor, I produced a story based on his Congressional voting record that showed that while he was more conservative than not, his reputation for being a hard-liner on the right was false. 35% more members of the US House had members of conservative voting records than he did. In this case, there’s the perception that Rubio and McConnell aren’t conservative enough to be aligned with Trump and/or or RINOS. So, let’s look at the voting records. 

First, Marco Rubio. How often has Rubio voted in favor of President Trump’s position on legislation? 92% of the time. So, not only does he align with President Trump more than nine times out of ten, he has voted for President Trump’s positions 1.2% more often than the average Republican Senator. Now, Mitch McConnell has voted with President Trump’s position 94.3% of the time or 3.5% more than the average Republican, not to mention clearing the path for record confirmations of President Trump’s judicial nominees.

It might be that there are specific issues that stick out to you that cause you to have a particular feeling that is different than the voting record, but it’s also more likely that it’s really media manipulation of those issues and positions.That’s perhaps especially in the case of these two politicians. Many in news media are interested in turning would be Republican voters against Republican politicians, especially influential ones like McConnell and Rubio. Anyway, these two Senators are more likely to support President Trump than most Republicans in the Senate and probably Melania as well.

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