Marjory Stoneman Douglas Witness Speaks at Gun Violence Meeting

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing February 6 th in Washington on gun violence throughout America. Members of Congress heard recommendations from several guest speakers including Aalayah Eastmond, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas left impacted by the mass shooting February 14 th , 2018. The Coral Springs, FL. teenager addressed Members of Congress with an emotional plea to make gun prevention a top priority. Other speakers included, Chief of Police Art Acevedo with the Houston Police Department, Commander Sabina Harper with Baltimore City Sherriff Office’s Domestic Violence Unit and the EP at Gifford’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

New York Democrat, Chairman Jerrold Nadler, also gave a statement before the hearing, “for far too long, Republicans in Congress have offered moments of silence instead of action in the wake of gun tragedies.”


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