Florida Rep. Might Ban Cities From Banning Plastic Straws

About a year ago it was news when a city in Florida floated the idea of banning plastic straws. A year later there are so many that have it’s hard to keep track. From St. Pete to Miami Beach there are bans in coastal cities across the state. While most businesses seemed to conform rather than fight, some customers still complain and there’s enough of a backlash in certain circles that a new proposal has been made in Florida’s House that would ban cities from banning straws. The bill says,  “a municipality, county, or other local governmental entity may not adopt, enforce, or implement any ordinance, rule or law that would further restrict a food service establishment from distributing single-use plastic straws to a customer."

The libertarian in me sees the value in this proposal. If a business doesn’t want to offer straws because of environmental concerns, don’t offer straws. The government doesn’t have to tell you not to. Ditto if you’re a customer. Ironically what we have is a new proposed law that would actually add to civil liberties rather than restrict them. So, what do you think, should Florida pass a law to ban cities from banning plastic straws? 

Photo by: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images



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