Man Arrested After Bizzare "Death Party" Takes Wife's Life


(Duane Johnson: Brown County Sheriff's Office)

That is the mugshot of Duane Johnson and he was arrested last week after his wife was found dead in his home.

Johnson, 58, called 911 to report that his wife Debra, 69, was dead, reported.

When officers arrived at the home, Johnson was allegedly standing there naked, then ran upstairs and began "bathing in a soap and bleach mixture."

Johnson claimed he medicated his wife with meth, and had thrown a "death party" for her after checking her out of the nursing home she was living in, the dailystar reports. He did not want his wife to dies in her nursing home.

As well as taking crystal meth, the couple were "rocking out" to the band Quiet Riot and "had sex in the hours before she died."

Johnson later told officers he washed his wife's body and wrapped her in a sheet "like the bible told me to do."

The crazy didn't stop there, the words "Death Parde God Hell" were also reportedly scrawled on the door.

Officers also seized 47 stolen guns found in the home.

Johnson was taken into custody on charges of criminal neglect and receiving stolen property. His bail was set at $250,000.


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