Legal Immigration Is Alive and Well In South Florida

Legal immigration is still alive and well in South Florida.

First, I’d take any one of those 500 new American citizens in a civics test over your average born American. Second, it’s my belief that legal immigrants, including these 500 new Floridians, will be part of the long-term solution to many of our looming problems. One of the most consistent and persistent problems is a lack of perspective of what the United States really offers and what the rest of the world is really like. 

Start with how many Americans know that approximately 80% of the world’s population isn’t free? I bet you many of these new Americans can give you eye-opening insight. What about our border policy and illegal immigration? Do you think that these Americans who’ve done it the right way, the hard way, the American way, generally appreciate those who attempt to break our laws and enter illegally? But how often do you hear that perspective in the news? In fact, The Pew Research Center recently conducted a study of existing legal immigrants and found that over 60% are supportive of the border wall and feel that the US border and immigration policies are too lenient.  

In other words, these 500 new Americans genuinely wanted to be Americans, appreciate what it means to be an American, understand that freedom is rare and isn’t free and want to ensure we’ll protect it for them and their families. It’s too bad that generations of Americans lack that perspective. It’s probably the single greatest failure of our education establishment. But if and when given a voice these new Americans can help constructively shape our future. 

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