AG Moody Different Bondi As DeSantis From Scott

Florida’s AG, Ashley Moody, might be as different from Pam Bondi as DeSantis is from Scott. Here's my take on this piece from the Miami Herald, New attorney general says fighting fraud, not political battles, is her top priority.

Bottom Line: Prior to Ron DeSantis taking office, I shared several stories about him and the differences we could expect to see compared to Rick Scott. Two weeks into office they have been crystal clear. From Florida’s new cabinet, Ashley Moody has had the lowest profile and it’s evident she’s not going to be looking for attention, for the sake of attention. Pam Bondi won both of her elections by 13% statewide. That’s extremely impressive in Florida. Among Republicans, only Adam Putnam and Jeff Atwater have won two statewide elections by larger margins in the state’s history.  

Near the end of her term as Florida’s AG, it became evident that Pam Bondi was interested in what was next, auditing for US Attorney General and perhaps TV. All while we still needed a strong legal leader in our state. It’s arguable that her slow start to engage the recount process in Broward and Palm Beach Counties enabled the failed Supervisors of Elections to carry out misfeasance that might have been preventable. Anyway, it’s clear that it’s a new day in Florida’s Attorney General office as well. It’s evident in part by the contrast between Pam’s highly public persona and Ashley’s lack of attention seeking.  

Hopefully, this is a sign that she’ll be quick and decisive on Florida’s key legal matters rather than parsing matters out publicly first. There are multiple paths for a successful AG to choose. Ashley’s clearly more inclined towards the “actions speaking louder than words approach”. 



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