FPL Gives You a Chance to Pay For Solar Power

Would you pay more for solar? You'll get your chance from FPL 

I’m a fan of solar, Florida is easily the state with the most upside by greater adaptation to solar power. But, what’s the but? The question is if you want to pay more for solar. And if so, how much? There are a lot of people who’ll say yes when asked but is that reality? Take a look at the low levels of adaptation across our state and South Florida. That’s a choice we’ve made not to pay up to make the switch. And that’s even when there’s potentially a long-term value proposition involved by being able to hypothetically recoup costs over time with lower power bills. 

We don’t have enough info at this point to know how much more moving to 100% solar will be, but a test program introduced by FPL in 2015 asked for $9 more per customer per month. So that may represent the floor of how much more it would probably cost. If you’re interested you might start thinking about how much more you would be willing to spend, if anything, to know that your home or business is being powered by solar, because that’s the decision that comes next. Also, if you’re leery of the way some local governments tax and spend your money, you might keep an eye on this as several communities are lining up to say yes without even knowing the actual cost yet. 

Photo by: GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images



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