File Your Taxes For Free; Shutdown or No Shutdown

The earliest day you can file your taxes is January 28th but you don’t have to wait that long to prepare them. Whether we are still on shutdown or not, you’ll be able to file and possibly for free. In fact, most people are able to file for free using the IRS Free File program: 

If you earned $66,000 or less in 2018, you're eligible to prepare and file for free using the program. That means 70% of Americans will be able to file including approximately 75% of Floridians. What’s more is that with the impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and tens of millions of Americans not making adjustments with Federal withholding last year, we’re set to see record refunds that will average well in excess of $3,000. 

Also, you’ve been used to itemizing, as a reminder, the odds are you won’t need to with the new tax lawmaking filing super simple for millions of additional people. 

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images



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