Governor Announces Policies Impacting Jewish Community

Governor DeSantis is outlining new policies that are important to the state's Jewish community.

During a speech in Boca Raton, the governor announced that he's wants to spend another two-million-dollars to boost security around Jewish schools.  He says last year's shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pennsylvania was a reminder that the schools remain vulnerable.

Then he said he'd take on AirBnB for its recent decision to stop renting homes and apartments in the West Bank.  DeSantis says their policy violates a state law because it discriminates against Israel so the state won't do any official business with the company.  He's hoping AirBnB will change its policy once other states join Florida in the action.

Finally, DeSantis said his first overseas trip as governor will be to Israel in May, after the legislative session is over in Tallahassee.


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