LINKS: Deadline Looming For Magnet School Enrollment

Students of all ages can get a jump on their futures by enrolling in magnet programs, but today's the deadline in Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade Public Schools' Magnet Schools Director Marcus Ortega says students who graduate from them, "have an exceptional edge on other students as they come in to the application process for colleges and universities or even the work force because they have just that much more specialized training." 

More than 100 public schools in Miami-Dade offer more than 300 magnet programs in five categories including international programs, liberal arts, virtual, STEM and visual and performing arts.

They even specialize in topics like gaming and animation, veterinarian medicine, and auto repair.

Ortega says there's no such thing as starting too early because there are even programs offered to kindergartners.

Parents can sign a student for up to five schools.

There are no residential boundaries.  

Broward residents can even apply.

Click here to apply for a Miami-Dade magnet program.

The deadline to apply for magnet or school reassignment in Broward is February 6th.

Click here for School Choice options in Broward.


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