Tallahassee Judge Rules On Suspended Elections Official's Case

A Tallahassee federal judge does not give Dr. Brenda Snipes her job back like she asked, but he agrees then Governor Rick Scott overstepped his authority when he suspended Broward's Supervisor of Elections for the multiple missteps during November's elections.

The judge has now put the pressure on new Governor Ron DeSantis telling him he has until the end of the month to formally lay out why Snipes should be kept out of office and ordering he offer her and her team a special appellate hearing no later than then the end of March.

Snipes' legal team is happy with the decision.A spokesperson for now Senator Rick Scott defends Scott's original actions saying Snipes broke the law and calls the judge a liberal.

DeSantis officials didn't have an immediate reaction to the judge's decision.

Peter Antonacci has taken over as Broward's Elections Supervisor.


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