Carvalho: M-DCPS to Provide Free Lunch Amid Gov't Shutdown

As the government shutdown enters its third week, an estimated 800,000 federal employees will face their first missed paycheck tomorrow. Miami-Dade County Public Schools stands ready to assist students and employees whose families may be impacted by this shutdown.

The district’s Department of Food and Nutrition is reminding and encouraging parents, whose financial situation may have changed, that they may apply at any time for their child to receive free or reduced-price lunch. The online application is located at

“The ongoing federal government shutdown may be causing unforeseen financial hardships for families in our community,” said Schools Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho. “The well-being of every member of our community is a priority to our School Board. As such, Miami-Dade County Public Schools stands ready to assist those families in need by providing extra layers of support.”

Daily breakfast is already free for students at all Miami-Dade Public Schools, and presently 74.2 percent of M-DCPS students are eligible for free lunch. The District also serves after-school meals at 234 elementary, middle and senior high schools. The after-school meals are served to students participating in after-school programs operated by either the principal or community agencies.


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