Parkland Teachers Have Workshop Before Anniversary

Classes resume Tuesday in Broward County, but at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, many teachers are using Monday to prepare for the one-year anniversary of the shooting that killed 17 people.

Luna Medina Wolf says Professionals United for Parkland and Ambrosia Treatment Centers are holding a retreat today to help MSD teachers and staff prepare for the emotions that will resurface among students and colleagues.

Wolf says all of the news coverage could trigger anxiety for students and staff, but so could social media.  She says Facebook's daily reminder of what you were doing one year ago could even trigger painful memories.

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, who has experience helping the survivors of the school shooting in Newtown, CT, also offered her insight and advice.

Over the past four days, workshops from Ambrosia Therapy have been held for parents, mental health professionals, and the trauma therapists who have been working with the survivors.

The events have also been sponsored by the Mobilizing MSD Alumni Association.


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