NAACP, School Board Support Teen Accused of Cheating

The Miami Gardens teen accused of cheating on her SATs is now getting support from the NAACP and local politicians.

Today, the president of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP joined with school board members Steve Gallon and Dorothy Bendros Mindingal to support Kamilah Campbell.

The teen wants the company that runs the SATs to release and verify her scores immediately so that she can apply to her dream school, Florida State University.

E-T-S flagged Campbell's SAT results because her score of 900 in March jumped to 1230 when she took the test a second time in October.

Campbell says she spent a summer studying and working with a tutor to improve her grades.

The SAT score is also important if she is to qualify for the Bright Futures scholarship program.


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