What’s Changing In Florida For 2019 Part 1

Every year brings about changes. Laws, regulations and this year amendments all will be changing the way stuff happens in Florida. Since most state law changes don’t take place with the start of a new year, the biggest impact will be from some of the recently passed amendments. Without getting too far into the weeds, here are the most effectual changes in Florida for the new year starting with changes made at the state level. 

Minimum wage: Increased January 1st to $8.46 per hour – up 21 cents or 2.5% from 2018. 

Home insurance transparency: Effective January 1st, new home insurance policies must provide additional clarity on what is and is not covered by a policy. For example, wind policies must state that they don’t cover flood damage.  

Amendment 2: As of January 1st, there’s a permanent 10% cap on non-homesteaded property tax assessments annually. 

Amendment 4: Effective January 8th, the restoration of felon voting rights in Florida begins.

Amendment 5: Effective January 8th, there must be a two-thirds vote in both the Florida House and Senate to raise taxes. 

Amendment 6: Effective January 8th, the expansion of victim’s rights in the legal process takes effect, the mandatory age for judicial retirement rises to 75 and state courts must rule on matters before them rather than deferring to state agency precedent. 

Amendment 10: Effective January 8th, the state session will start on January in even-numbered years. The creation of a state counter-terrorism department is to begin, sheriffs, tax collectors, elections supervisors and clerk of courts are to become elected positions in all counties. This will be phased in over time in affected counties like Miami-Dade.

Amendment 11: Effective January 8th, subjective language pertaining to property ownership will be removed from state law, sentencing changes in Florida law will be applied retroactively to those already serving like sentences, high speed-rail language in state law rendered pointless in 2004 will be removed.  

If you’re wondering about other amendments that passed, the dates they take effect aren’t now. One’s already in effect while others will phase in at later dates.

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