What We Think Should Happen With The Honduran Caravan

You’ll often hear me say that the most pervasive form of bias in news media is omission. From the onset, this caravan has been built on a fraudulent premise. The political front organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras fund-raised for months in California to raise money to put this caravan together. Once they had the money to pull it off, they went to Honduras to "recruit" people for their political purposes by telling them they would get asylum in the US. 

Due to the lack of credible reporting, aside from my work, most people still have no idea that this organization is behind this stunt or that they are willing to use these people to attempt to achieve their goal of an open US border. Even still, most Americans reject this Caravan, despite what you might be fed daily in most news reporting. Numbers USA just wrapped up accredited polling on our views of the caravan and found the following: 

  • 32%: Require them to remain in Mexico until their asylum applications have been decided. 
  • 26%: Stop all caravan members from entering the country 
  • 18%: Detain them in the US until asylum status has been determined 
  • 18%: Allow them to move freely in the US until asylum status has been determined

So, if you’re keeping score, a solid majority, 58% don’t believe these people should step foot on American soil and only 18% believe they should essentially be allowed to enter as desired. Imagine if news media did their job and people were properly informed. Still, if you’re frustrated by what’s going on and how it’s reported, you’re in the majority. Once again, it’s the agenda of mass news media that isn’t. 

Photo by: ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images



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