Life Decisions We’re Least Satisfied With

Yesterday, I brought you the happy news. The life decisions that most are happy with having made like buying a home or getting married. Of course, there are a lot of life circumstances we wish we’d never encountered. For scoring purposes, let's clarify that -100% is the worst possible score.

  • -22% caregiver for a sick family member.
  • -25% financially supporting an adult child/parent.
  • -51% serious illness or injury.
  • -61% financial fraud / ID theft.

Certainly no one would willfully wish for any of these events to occur but there’s a certain amount of decision making that can contribute to these circumstances. I’ll use myself as an example. I was a victim of significant financial fraud, however, had I properly vetted the person/people who perpetrated it against me I wouldn’t have been a victim. I made a series of foolish decisions out of emotion following a divorce, which violates my first rule of money. To that end, each of these includes a certain degree of decision making, luck and circumstances. Controlling what we can control comes to mind with these.

Photo by: Getty Images Europe



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