Hialeah Among Best Cities For New Year's Eve

Wallethub.com is helping residents figure out the best way to ring in the new year.  They've taken a look at a variety of variables like hotel prices, the legality of fireworks and the level of forecast precipitation for the night.  

New York ranks at the top of the list of 100 cities when it comes to its ranking for entertainment and fun.  It's at the bottom, though, on the affordability scale.  San Francisco is second in line for entertainment and food ranking, but drops to 96th when it comes to cost. 

For Chicago, overall entertainment and food puts it at number 8.  It is 49th, though, for overall safety. 

The safest place to spend New Year's Eve is Hialeah, Florida.  However, it ranks 94th on cost factors and is only 56th when it comes to fun.



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