Antonacci Becomes Broward's Elections Supervisor

The man chosen by Governor Scott to become Broward's new Supervisor of Elections is officially on the job.

Peter Antonacci took the oath of office at the Broward County Courthouse, pledging to restore credibility to the department and improve employee morale.

Antonacci replaces Dr. Brenda Snipes, who was removed from office by the governor for mishandling the November election.  Snipes had submitted her resignation to be effective in January, but Scott suspended her last week.   Snipes has since rescinded her resignation and is pledging to fight for his job.

Antonacci has a long history of working in Florida government, but he does not have any experience working in elections.  He previously served as the head of Enterprise Florida and as the executive director of the South Florida Water Management District.

He met with elections employees this week and said he was impressed by many of them, but said changes would be made.

Antonacci is currently looking to find an apartment in Broward County so he can establish residency and register to vote.  He said he will only serve out the remainder of Brenda Snipes' term and will not seek election to the office in 2020.


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