LISTEN: 911 Call Of Teen Trapped In Bank Vault

The teenager who got trapped in an abandoned bank vault in Hollywood earlier this week finds himself locked up again.

A Broward judge has ordered the 17-year-old, who was already on probation, be held on 21 days of house arrest for his new arrest on trespassing charges.

The teen's 15-year-old friend tells Hollywood police they "were bored" and wanted to find something to do so they ignored several "no trespassing" signs and squeezed through a gap in the fence surrounding the abandoned Bank of America.

They discovered they open bank vault and the older teen walked in and started touching buttons on the wall.  The door slammed shut.

The friend called 911 when they realized they couldn't get him out.

bank vault teen

Old bank employees were able to provide the code to open the vault.

The 17-year-old wasn't hurt.

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