Investigation Critical of Broward Shooting Response

The "Sun-Sentinel" is out with an in-depth report into the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and how the district responded to the tragedy.

The report accuses the district of suppressing information about the attack and withholding critical information about the investigation.

According to the report, the district knew that Nikolas Cruz was a troubled child.  A middle school teacher says Cruz described himself as, quote, "a bad kid" who wanted "to kill."

An 8th grade language arts teacher described Cruz like this in an evaluation..."I strongly feel that Niklolas is a danger to the students and faculty at this school."  "I do no feel that he understands the difference between his violent video games and reality.

Superintendent Robert Runcie says there has been no attempt to conceal information adding....they have nothing to hide.

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