Perspective On This Historic Florida Election Cycle

Throughout this cycle, this recount debacle in Florida, etc. I’ve heard from countless folks who lean right politically that’d been wondering if their vote counted, what the point was of voting if this is what would happen, etc. While being as frustrated as anyone about the process, I’ve also provided some food for thought drawing comparisons to the 2016 election cycle.  

In 2016 most Floridians were convinced that Hillary Clinton would be president and that the ship had sailed for those on the right. By the time that cycle finished, there were more elected Republicans in office in the US, than at any other time since 1928. Perspective is key. What’s happened in Florida in 2018 is a different version of a similar thing. 

First, consider that over 80% of US Senators who run for re-election win historically. Then consider that Bill Nelson had won his three previous elections for Senate by an average of 13%. That’s a lot for any challenger to overcome. Then factor in that 92% of midterm cycles favors the opposition party to President with an average loss of four Senate seats. That’s even more to overcome. 

Yet, Rick Scott did overcome all of that which speaks to his strength as a candidate. And with the dust having settled on our elections, Florida finds itself in a position exiting this cycle that’s even more historically rare than what happened in 2016 for Republicans.  

For the first time since 1868, Florida will have two Republican US Senators and a Republican Governor. Yes, your vote counted. Yes, we also need accountability for Brenda Snipes, who turned in her resignation, and Susan Bucher but perspective’s key. 

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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