Update - What’s Legally Voter Fraud

Now that the machine recounts are finished and the hand recounts are underway, I want to address once again, what voter fraud actually is and what’s already evidenced in South Florida. The most pervasive form of bias in media is omission but also flat-out false reporting has been rampant this week. Every time you’ve heard someone state there’s no evidence of voter fraud, you’ve been subjected to false reporting and bad information.  

As I’ve documented both Broward and Palm Beach Counties have violated Florida’s election laws a minimum of six times each along with ignoring multiple court orders. It’s not a question as to if impropriety occurred in both counties orchestrated by Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher. Courts have already ruled as much. The question is about accountability and application of the law to ensure that justice is served. 

Once again, here’s the legal definition of voter fraud: Voter fraud (aka Electoral fraud) is illegal interference with the process of an election. Again, based on what courts in Broward and Palm Beach County have already found, forms of voter fraud were apparent. Here are the various forms of potential voter fraud: 

  • Double Voting 
  • Dead Voters 
  • Felon Voters 
  • Voter Suppression 
  • Registration Fraud 
  • Voter Impersonation 
  • Vote-buying 
  • Fraud by election officials 
  • Ballot Harvesting

While there’s the possibility/allegations of several of these having occurred, I’ll focus in on what’s been evidenced. The “Fraud by election officials”. The definition of that type of voter fraud is as follows: manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election.

That one has already been acknowledged in the courts. Both counties were delinquent under Florida law starting at 7:31 election night. All votes tabulated after that time were tabulated illegally. What’s more is that both counties also set their own standards for recreating ballots that were damaged or improperly filled out. That’s illegal under Florida law as it’s the responsibility of the canvassing boards to oversee that process. Just for good measure Brenda Snipes personally mixed 22 ballots that had been disqualified in with hundreds of eligible ballots and counted them all.  

So, do those knowns meet the threshold of “manipulation of ballots”? If the answer is yes, you have voter/electoral fraud.  In part two I’ll bring you the specific Florida statues that have been violated.

Photo by: Joe Skipper/Getty Images

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