South Florida "Joker" Arrested... Again

The "Joker" is at it again... and we're not too amused. 

Lawrence Sullivan, 30, of Gulfport was arrested Tuesday in Pinellas County on a warrant for carrying a concealed weapon out of Miami-Dade County, according to jail records.

Sullivan, as you can clearly see via his mugshot, has been nicknamed the "Joker" because of his facial tattoos, resembling Batman's nemesis as seen in the movie "The Dark Knight."

Like his comic book counterpart, Sullivan has been arrested several times, according to jail records.

He was arrested twice in 2017, once for marijuana possession and once for allegedly pointing a gun at passing cars.

Then, he told the Miami Herald he was treated like a celebrity behind bars.

“I was on the psych floor cause I take medications,” he said after bonding out.

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