Man Caught On Camera Peeking Through Windows In Kendall Neighborhood

Residents in a southwest Miami-Dade community are on the lookout after a man was caught on camera peeking through residents' windows and rifling through cars.

One resident's doorbell surveillance camera's alarm was set off Friday night when a man was captured peeking around his property on SW 46th Lane.

The footage shows the man quickly crouching and hiding in front of the homeowner's SUV when a car drove by.

That resident, Mike Batista, posted the video to Facebook, where it garnered thousands of views.

His wife, Michelle Batista, is a stay-at-home mom with two young toddlers. She said she is afraid of what the man might do and even covered her windows.

Miami-Dade police confirmed they are working on a suspicious person case in the area.

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