Florida Rushes To Meet Thursday's Recount Vote Deadline

In the race to finish recounting hundreds of thousands of votes before Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline, election officials are continuing in their process of counting on. 

Workers in Broward County continued recounting ballots through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning after starting to separate and process thousands of ballots an hour through tabulation machines for a second time. 

Director of Planning and Development Joe D'Alessandro said the recount should take around 15 hours to complete.

Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes told reporters Tuesday as well that the county would meet the deadline.

Snipes also addressed the rash of criticism against her, including from Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, who appointed her in 2003 and on Monday tweeted that she should be removed from office. Snipes said "it is time to move on" but said she hasn't finalized a decision and needs to speak with her family.

Across the state, Florida's election recount is chugging along.

One county revealed Monday that it had allowed some hurricane-displaced voters to cast their ballots by email — a violation of state law. 

Another had to restart its recount after getting about a quarter finished because someone forgot to push a button.

Miami-Dade County elections officials said late Tuesday night that while they finished the initial counting of their ballots, they still need to conduct a second process of quality assurance.

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