A Recent History of Voter Fraud in Florida

After my three-part series on voter fraud yesterday, I wanted to address something that’s woefully under-reported. Voter fraud convictions. To the extent that you hear it addressed you generally hear that there isn’t any evidence of it in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Except, as I documented, there has been and that it’s extremely rare. That’s also false. 

In Florida alone, from 2001 through 2017, we’ve had 29 convictions of voter fraud. What’s more are the various types of voter fraud that have been prosecuted. These are the five frauds committed: altering the vote count, fraudulent use of absentee ballots, ineligible voting, false registrations, and absentee ballot fraud. 

It’s likely this is the first you’ve heard of just about any of this and that’s the point. The most pervasive form of bias in media is omitting information. It’s also common that there’s a general lack of curiosity to seek answers to these types of questions. Just as media widely reported that the FDLE investigation into alleged voter fraud in South Florida didn’t reveal any fraud, when there hadn’t even been an FDLE investigation conducted. You don’t see or hear them demonstrating the laws broken in Broward and Palm Beach Counties by both Supervisors of Elections as I did Monday or exploring the legal definition of voter fraud as I did yesterday. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. It’s unclear what convictions will result from Florida’s 2018 cycle yet, but it’s as clear as ever that accountability and justice under the law is as important as it’s ever been. 

Photo by: Joe Skipper/Getty Images

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