A Complete Summary of Voter Fraud

In a separate story, I’ve shared the recent history of voter fraud in Florida. It’s likely that you had not been informed of the extent of it. I know I hadn’t until I dug in deeper to find out. This is the case nationally as well. According to the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, we’ve had 1,177 proven instances of voter fraud and 1,019 criminal convictions of voter fraud.

Surprised? That number won’t give you the warm and fuzzies but it also shouldn’t be discouraging. Are you surprised that there are those who’ve attempted electoral fraud? Instead, it’s an indication that there is an effort to combat and convict those who’ve attempted to undermine our elections. Over the past several days, many listeners have shared discouraging notes wondering if their votes counted, if there’s even a point to voting if there’s cheating anyway. The answer is absolutely yes, voting matters and almost certainly your vote counts.

If fraud were widely successful is there any way Donald Trump would’ve been elected, including winning Florida? Consider that when all of the recounting and consternation is done, Florida will almost certainly have two Republican Senators for the first time since 1868, along with a Republican Governor. That only happens because of votes, your vote.  

The skepticism is understandable and it is why it's so important that we have accountability for what’s happened in Palm Beach and Broward counties. It’s also why I’ve worked as hard as I have for days to bring you the information you deserve amid the dearth of real journalism that takes place in South Florida. 


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